Privileged accounts, such as those held by system administrators and IT personnel, pose significant security risks if not properly managed. At INNSKILL, we offer comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions designed to help organizations secure, monitor, and control access to critical systems and resources.

PAM Challenges
  • Complexity of Privileged Accounts
  • Credential Management
  • Just-in-Time Access
  • Least Privilege Enforcement
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Integration with IT Ecosystem
  • User Accountability and Responsibility

INNSKILL Approach to PAM

Password Vaulting

Our PAM solutions include password vaulting capabilities, allowing organizations to securely store and manage privileged account credentials in a centralized repository. By eliminating the need to store passwords in plaintext or spreadsheets, password vaulting helps mitigate the risk of credential theft and unauthorized access.

Just-In-Time Privileged Access

We help organizations implement just-in-time access controls for privileged accounts, enabling administrators to request temporary access privileges as needed for specific tasks. By limiting the duration of access and enforcing strict approval workflows, organizations can reduce the risk of prolonged exposure to privileged accounts.

Session Monitoring and Recording

Our PAM solutions provide session monitoring and recording capabilities to track privileged user activities in real-time. Administrators can view session logs, monitor user behavior, and detect suspicious activities to prevent insider threats and unauthorized access attempts.

Privilege Elevation and Delegation

We help organizations implement privilege elevation and delegation mechanisms to grant users temporary elevated privileges based on their roles and responsibilities. By enforcing least privilege principles, organizations can minimize the risk of privilege misuse and abuse.

Integration with (SIEM) Systems

Our PAM solutions integrate seamlessly with SIEM systems to provide centralized visibility into privileged access activities and security events. By correlating privileged access logs with other security data, organizations can detect and respond to security incidents more effectively.

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Benefits of Our PAM Solutions

Strengthen security by securing and controlling access to privileged accounts and resources.

Reduce the risk of credential theft, insider threats, and unauthorized access.

Enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Improve operational efficiency by automating privileged access workflows and approval processes.

Gain visibility into privileged access activities and enforce accountability for privileged users.